Work-- A quest for computers and intellectual property

Although I'm currently an attorney, I've worn quite a few hats.  I was a camp counselor at age 16 was a waterfront instructor at Camp Tuscarora.  I was employee of the month at a McDonald's, a swim instructor, a cook at a pizzeria, and a helpdesk consultant. 

I was a Gopher administrator during my freshman year at SUNY Geneseo. I continued working at the helpdesk, eventually becoming a student manger. I also worked for the telecom department, laying cable and fixing phones. On top of that, I worked at the local late night pizzeria, and was in charge of security of the campus concerts.

I worked at a corporate helpdesk before deciding that I needed an intellectual challenge. I decied to study law, and also the opportunity to conduct international business.  After law school, I worked for an intellectual property law firm, mainly in patent and trademark law. I additionally was responsible for all of the firm's international business.  I was also responsible for the computer and telephone systems at the office. In March 2005 I joined another firm founded by a good friend, becoming the second attorney for the firm. We practice business and estate planning. I brought over my IP experience, which has expanded our firm's practice. I also have increased our incoming clients through extensive Internet marketing. During law school, I become affiliated with Communication Savings, Inc., an Internet company that provides low cost broadband services. I built & maintain their server, which is the one this domain is hosted on. Yes, I am a computer geek.

I would certainly enjoy working for Google.

Here is my attorney resume.

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